FSX 2018 Updates

Please select the appropriate installation option below. Be sure to select the online version if you have installed using an online activation code. If you have a blue USB dongle, please select the dongled option instead. If you have any questions regarding the installation options please contact support@foresightsports.com.

Release Date:
  May 20th, 2019
Associated Manual:
  FSX2018 Online User Manual
Please Note: Customers operating in retail environments please contact support@foresightsports.com to receive specific installation instructions prior to downloading
Release Date:
  April 10th, 2019
Please Note: Foresight Fairgrounds will come at no additional cost with the FSX 2018 software! You must login within the software using your FSX 2018 activation code in order to connect a Foresight Sports device and use the software.

FSX 2018 Software - Additional Course Installation

The courses listed below come at no additional cost for all authorized FSX Software users. * Requires software v5.0.0 or greater to operate. Internet access required to gain initial course authorization.

Blue Bayou v2.0.2 | 763Mb

Broken Tree v2.0.2 | 877Mb

Linfield National v2.0.2 | 905Mb

Willow Crest Golf Club v2.0.2 | 536Mb


FSX 2018 Course Library

  • Note: Version 2.0.1+ courses are ONLY compatible with FSX 5.0 and above.
  • To purchase a course license, please contact your sales or support person.
  • All courses require a one-time online activation after installation.

Abu Dhabi Golf Club v2.0.2 | 787Mb

Akron  v2.0.1 | 499Mb

Applebrook Golf Club v2.0.0 | 993Mb

Arcadia Ranch v2.0.1 | 524Mb

Aronimink   v2.0.1 | 2.21Gb

Asiana CC East Course v2.0.4 | 791Mb

Ballyowen v2.0.1 | 487Mb

Big Sur v2.0.1 | 909Mb

Birdsfoot v2.0.0 | 487Mb

Blue Bayou v2.0.2 | 763Mb

Brae Burn Country Club NY | 730Mb

Broken Tree v2.0.2 | 877Mb

Brookside Country Club v2.0.2 | 1.15Gb

Burrangarra v2.0.2 | 938Mb

Butterfield Country Club - Blue/Red v2.0.2 | 928Mb

Butterfield Country Club - Blue/White v2.0.2 | 928Mb

Butterfield Country Club - Red/White v2.0.2  | 928Mb

Carnoustie v2.0.3 | 961Mb

Castle Stuart v2.0.1 | 369Mb

Cedar Valley Golf Course v2.0.0 | Mb

Celtic Manor v2.0.1 | 810Mb

Chicago Highlands v2.0.0 | 810Mb

Cobble Beach v2.0.2 | 1.38Gb

Coeur d’Alene v2.0.1 | 816Mb

Cog Hill v2.0.1 | 1.11Gb

Colonial Country Club v2.1.2 | 795Mb

Congressional v2.0.1 | 740Mb

Conway Farms v2.0.1 | 688Mb

Cranberry Highlands v2.0.1 | 1.26Gb

Dacotah Ridge Golf Club v2.0.2 | 556Mb

Devils Garden v2.1.0 | 722Mb

Doral Blue Monster v2.0.1 (Requires GTX 1060 or greater) | 941Mb

Egypt Valley v2.0.2 | 1.34Gb

Emirates Golf Club Majlis v2.0.2 | 674Mb

Enchanted Forest v2.1.0 | 1.17Gb

Essex Country Club v2.0.2 | 1.83Gb

Flint Hills National v2.0.1 | 907Mb

Flushing Valley v2.1.1 | 658.Mb

Gearhart Golf Links v2.0.1 | 1.29Gb

Glen Oak v2.0.2 | 722Mb

Glorietta Golf Club v2.0.2 | 720Mb

Green Valley v2.0.1 | 1.10Gb

Hanauma Cliffs v2.0.2 | 829Mb

Heron Bay v2.0.1 | 817Mb

Hidden Shoals v2.1.0 | 635Mb

Hinsdale Golf Club v2.0.2 | 904 Mb

Idle Hour Club v2.0.0 | 786Mb

Idlewild Country Club v2.0.1 | 1.36Gb

Innisbrook Resort Island Course v2.0.2 | 786Mb

Interlachen v2.0.1 | 704Mb

Jumping Brook Country Club v2.0.2 | 1.02Gb

Kennemer v2.0.2 | 494Mb

Kingsbarns v2.0.1 | 756Mb

Kinsale Golf Fitness | 1.10Gb

Kungsangen Kings Course v2.0.2 | 691Mb

La Jolla Pines v2.0.1 | 839Mb

La Cumbre Country Club v2.0.2 | 1.17Gb

La Tempete v2.0.1 | 726Mb

Laurel Valley Golf Club v2.0.2 | 429Mb

Liberty Mountain v2.0.2 | 941Mb

Linfield National v2.0.2 | 905Mb

Loch Lloyd v2.0.2 | 1.66Gb

Longleaf v2.1.2 | 1.29Gb

Lookaway Golf Club v2.0.2 | 853Mb

Merion v2.0.1 | 802Mb

Midland Putting Course v2.0.2 | 290Mb

Milburn Country Club v2.0.1 | 1.19Gb

Mission Hills - Blackstone Course v2.0.2 | 1.06Gb

Mission Hills - Olazabal Course v2.0.1 | 1.06Gb

Montour Heights v2.0.2 | 992Mb

Nine Lakes v2.0.1 | 893Mb

Oakmont v2.0.1 | 555Mb

Olympic v2.0.1 | 753Mb

Onwentsia v2.0.1 | 753Mb

PB Dye Course v2.1.0 | 1.99Gb

Pelican Hill v2.0.2 | 1.02Gb

Pebble Beach Golf Links v2.0.3 | 1.45Gb

Penn State Blue Course v2.0.3 | 860Mb

Penn State White Course v2.0.2 | 860Mb

Pestovo Golf Club v2.0.0 | 898Mb

Phothalai Leisure Park v2.1.0 | 819Mb

Pitch n Putt v2.0.1 | 421 Mb

Portmarnock v2.0.1 | 490Mb

Prairie Dunes v2.0.1 | 770Mb

Prestwick Country Club v2.0.0 | 770Mb

Quail Hollow v2.0.1 | 1.06Gb

Quarry at Giants Ridge v2.0.2 | 695Mb

Quicksilver Golf Club v2.0.2 | 753Mb

Rolling Road Golf Club  v2.0.2 | 1.02Gb

Rollandia Golf Center v2.0.2 | 547Mb

Royal Birkdale v2.0.2 | 859Mb

Royal Troon v2.0.1 | 837Mb

Royal Lytham & St.Annes Golf Club v2.0.2 | 698Mb

Saxe Gotha v2.0.1 | 879Mb

Schaumburg v2.0.1 | 879Mb

Scioto Reserve Country Club v 2.1.0 | 2.35Gb

SentryWorld v2.0.1 | 879Mb

Skolkovo v2.0.1 | 881Mb

South Hills v2.0.1 | 879Mb

Sewickley Heights Golf Club v2.0.3 | 515Mb

Snake Pit v2.0.1 | 898Mb

Spirit Hollow v2.0.2 | 795Mb

Spring City Lower Course v2.0.2 | 1.16Gb

Spring City Mountain Course v2.0.2 | 1.25Gb

Spyglass Hill v2.0.4 | 879Mb

St. Andrews Castle Course |  1.05Gb

St. Andrews Jubilee Course | 1.52Gb

St. Andrews New Course | 523Mb

St. Andrews Old Course | 812Mb

Sunningdale Country Club v2.0.2 | 713Mb

The Links at Spanish Bay v2.0.2 | 111Gb

The Pete Dye River Course v2.0.2 | 1.30Gb

The Bridges MN v2.0.1 | 1.06Gb

The Heritic v2.1.0 | 427Mb

The Tuxedo Club v2.0.1 | 707Mb

Totteridge Golf Club v2.0.2 | 707Mb

Valderrama v2.1.1 | 1.27Gb

Vanajanlinna Golf and Country Club v2.0.2 | 801Mb

Village Links of Glen Ellyn v2.0.2 | 868Mb

Wakonda v2.0.1 | 527Mb

Warwickshire National v2.0.1 | 642Mb

Warwickshire v2.0.1 | 871Mb

Wentworth West Course v2.0.2 | 889Mb

Westchester Country Club v2.0.0 | 1.39Gb

Westchester Hills v2.0.2 | 835Mb

Whitford Country Club v2.0.2 | 835Mb

Willow Crest Golf Club v2.0.0 | 536Mb

Woodloch Springs v2.0.1 | 1.97Gb

Yishan Golf Club v2.0.2 | 777Mb