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The only device on the market that combines pressure and forces on separate plates

The Dual Motion Plate is a combination of two balance plates and two force plates. It measures pressure and force at 1,000 Hz (measurements per second) and synchronises the measurements perfectly with the cameras. It measures the Center of Pressure (COP), the COP trace, stance width, vertical force, horizontal force, and torque. In addition, it measures left and right foot vertical force, left and right foot horizontal force, shear forces, and left and right foot free moment.

The data from the Balance Plate is presented intuitively. The heat map shows where the pressure is located. The pressure bars show the total pressure on each foot, at any given time. The data from the force plate is displayed with different coloured graphs. The force vectors show the net representation of the forces on the video image. They represent right foot forces and left foot forces in 3D. The vectors move with the Centre of Pressure, also in live mode. Other force plates on the market asks you to re-calibrate between every shot and stand still before you hit. With Swing Catalyst you can move freely and hit at any time.





Ground reaction forces

The Swing Catalyst Dual Motion Plate measures the individual contributions of each foot in producing the Ground Reaction Forces necessary for efficient golf swings. The system adds up the contributions of each individual foot to give you the same information provided by our single Motion plate. You will also get the position and movement/trace of the total Center of Pressure (CoP) throughout the swing.

New features of the Dual Motion Plate system allow you to see how the right and left leg are working to produce the total horizontal (front/back) force. Near the top of the backswing, the trail leg is pushing away from the target, while the lead leg is pulling in the same direction. 

Pressure Distribution and Stance Width

The pressure distribution accurately depicts which part of your feet is pressuring the ground at each instant in the swing. This means that you can easily spot whether you are leaning too far back (on your heels), forward (on your toes), on the lateral (outside part) of your foot, or on the medial (inside part) of your foot.

Center of Pressure and Swing Pattern

Swing Catalyst calculates three different Centre of Pressure (CoP) measurements throughout the golf swing. These are the CoP of the right foot, the CoP of the left foot, and the total CoP. The total CoP is represented by a large white dot and is closely related to the Center of Gravity (CoG), but they are not the same.

The software also calculates the individual CoP location within each foot providing information about how the golfer is dynamically “aiming” their pressures and influencing the direction the club takes as it approaches the golf ball.

Video and data synchronisation

All Dual Motion Plate data is automatically synced perfectly with the video images and ball/club tracking data.

Technical Specifications


VisualiSe the invisible

The devil is in the details

With the Swing Catalyst sensor plates you will be able to see the invisible forces at work in every swing. Why should you guess, when you can measure?



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