Swing Catalyst – Balance Plate

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The Swing Catalyst Balance Plate adds an important dimension to golf instruction. It provides the instructor with critical information that will lead to a better understanding of the golf swing.

The Balance Plate, consisting of more than 2000 high-resolution pressure sensors, provides detailed foot pressure data, accurate pressure distribution, real time center of pressure (CoP), and CoP patterns.

All are elements that cannot be determined by the best trained eye or even expensive high-speed cameras.

The Swing Catalyst Balance Plate data is perfectly synchronized with high-speed video images as well as data from the most popular ball/club tracking devices.


  • Pressure distribution
  • Center of Pressure (CoP)
  • Detailed foot pressure distribution
  • CoP patterns
  • Video synchronization


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Swing Catalyst – Balance Plate
USD $7,295.00 USD $7,295.00

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